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Ultima VII: Forge of Virtue Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Character creation
Lord British has some clues as to the nature of the tremors that greet you once you install Forge of Virtue
Facing some heavy opposition on the Isle of Fire, including a mad mage, his headless and skeleton minions, and a nasty lightning-summoning Liche
The ship given to you by Lord British: The Golden Ankh
In the Forge of Virtue, the Test of Courage pits you against the mighty dragon Dracothraxus
You got that right skippy! Now shaddap!
Entering the abandoned cave
The mage Erethian objects to you trying to banish Exodus' Dark Core
Even the mighty Lord British himself is vulnerable to the Blackrock Sword. But there's actually an easier way to kill him that won't alert the guards
Well... not so abandoned
Ah... wacky programming jokes.
Mastering each test awards you with permanent stat boosts
The tree of life!
Performing a resurrection ritual
A lych! Better back off...
Powerful new items await you...
Defeated by the dragon... damn, guess I need a better weapon...
Forging the blackrock sword
Yeah Baby!! I got the power now!
It's payback time bitch!