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Ultima VII: The Black Gate Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Main menu
Intro: the Guardian boasts some digitized speech and uses it to tell you he is the new ruler of Britannia. Yeah, you wish, you... commie punk!..
Intro: the Avatar ventures to Britannia once again...
The game opens with a surprisingly graphic, disturbing murder scene
Status Screen
House exploration in Trinsic
Rearrange inventory in your bag in any order
Iolo is the first companion to join you. Exploring the city of Trinsic
Find and read interesting books scattered across Britannia
Gamblin' at Buccaneer's Den - and now what was his name again? Ah - Sha-mi-no!
Exploring a tropical region during the day. In front of us is a Moongate! Also, I just dropped a bunch of stuff on the ground
Dark castle with ominous statues...
Come on guys, we are exploring a lovely shore here, and all you can think of is food?..
Sewer region with interesting fossils. Fighting some angry crocodiles
The gargoyles are back and (now) friendly. They have trouble conjugating verbs, however. Displaying a typical dialogue tree
Your character screens superimposed over each other
Hehe, of course I recognize you! Why, you are Richard Gar...... err... I mean, Lord British... sir!
We just went through a farmer's house and slaughtered one of his cows. We get lots of... steaks. Survival of the fittest, eh, Avatar?..
The buildings in the game are exquisitely detailed. This here is a hospital. I just put a chair, a book, and some other thing on that bed - to demonstrate the amazing physics
Fighting mutated insects in a desert area
Exploring the rural Britannia. Now... what is THIS? How can a spaceship end up in a medieval fantasy world - except when it's a subtly placed product endorsement?..
You found a secret cave with a unicorn in it! This creature serves as a "virgin detector" of sorts - he'll only talk to you if you are a virgin!..
...which is an unlikely case if you have visited those Baths and engaged the "services" (wink, wink) of one of those ladies!..
You can sleep in most beds you find. You order Spark, your youthful companion, to wake you up in eight hours. Right. So you're sleeping while your friends... do what, exactly?..
Exploring one of the game's many caves. Found some loot in the corner
Be careful when exploring unknown lands. This looked like a peaceful tribal village, but ended up being a bandit outpost. They quickly attacked us...
You'll meet many people on your journey. They'll sometimes share their personal problems with you and send you on errands - even in the Lycaeum in Moonglow!
The game is worth playing just to witness the simulation of a living, breathing world. People do their jobs in real time - just stay there and watch!..
Skara Brae is the game's "horror chapter". A dark, deserted island with strange vegetation, infested by skeletons and other monsters...
Rats attack you in a brownish cave. Your friend Iolo is poisoned. You open your spell book
This is the dungeon of Deceit. You just managed to slay the enemy, but walked right into an arrow trap!..
The Shrine of Compassion. Ultima 7 provides your male avatar with a lover, Nastassia the shrine maiden. Female avatars will just have to settle the wenchs and gigolo at the Bucaneer's Den Baths
Batlin initiates the Avatar into the Fellowship in a grand ceremony over the objections of the Avatar's companions
A big battle against the mage Selwyn and his party of rebels
Spektran's Stone Harpy is the game's single most difficult enemy. The darn thing can wipe out an entire level 8 party armed with full magic armor
The Avatar does battle with the Guardian's Ethereal Monster inside the Tetrahedron Generator
The Avatar chats with a hungry, hungry Hydra
Batlin states his disapproval of you violent methods. And quite rightly so, you've massacred everyone in Britannia! I guess the Avatar thinks he's playing Fallout