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Advertising Blurbs

Microprose FTP:

    Are you ready for some football? NFL Coaches Club Football will give you all you can handle. Produced by the people who specialize in realism, NFL Coaches Club Football is the simulation for real football fanatics.

    NFL Coaches Club Football gives you full 3-D views of the action -- on the gridiron, where the game is really decided. Using hundreds of real NFL plays, you make all the coaching decisions. If you like, you can control key players in the action to experience the brute power of the running game, or the finesse of the passing game! A powerful Instant Replay feature lets you save replays of your team's greatest moments for posterity. Pick and change formations, call audibles, even design your own plays. NFLCC Football simulates all the variables that make the game exciting and unpredictable.

    You'll be competing against other NFL teams based on their actual strengths, weaknesses and unique coaching strategies. Playing quarterback against Jimmy Johnson will have you squirming in your arm chair. The crafty Marv Levy will learn your tendencies and change his game plan to counter your strategy.

    Glanville, Schottenheimer, Shula, and the rest -- they're the best there is, and they're gunning for you. This simulation is pure football; your chance to beat the NFL coaches at their own game.

    *Super realism! Run a 260 pound fullback over a 180 pound safety -- Crunch Time!

    *Design your own plays. Use your team's strengths to exploit your opponent's weaknesses.

    *True 3-D graphics let you watch the action from any camera angle.

    *Can you lead your team through the 1993 NFL Season to Super Bowl XXVIII? Track the stats of every NFL player through the season; you can even view stats and highlights of every game played in the league!

    To get any closer to the NFL, you'd have to be drafted!

    NFLCC Football is an officially licensed by BOTH the NFL and the NFL Players Association. This game includes team names, team logos, team colors, and the actual player names and numbers for the 1993 season.

    Contributed by Jony Shahar (1893) on Jan 03, 2004.