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Ultrabots Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Intro (static screens): how it all began
Intro: mysterious orbiter
Intro: alien landing
Intro: alien robots establish their bases
Intro: Earth's forces are no match for the invaders
Intro: humans reverse-engineer the robots
Title screen
Create your user
Description for Net Builder (Scorpion) 'bot
Description for Scout 'bot
Training selection screen
Mission briefing
Situation room - showing Humanoid's status
Tactical map
Cockpit view from Scout (display unit showing minimap)
Bot description for Humanoid
Situation room - our Scout got shot up
Cockpit view from Humanoid bot
Situation room allows for tactical control over all your units
Cockpit view from Scorpion (display unit showing missile cam moment before impact)
Mission selection map