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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - DOS (UK):

    Killing Moon

    Russell Means (The Last of the Mohicans, Natural Born Killers)

    Margot Kidder (Superman I & II)

    Brian Keith (Parent Trap, Hardcastle & McCormick, Young Guns)

    Chris Jones (Mean Streets, Martian Memorandum) as the hard boiled private eye.

    Featuring the voice of James Earl Jones (Star Wars)

    Reach beyond the silver screen into the seedy virtual world of Tex Murphy, a rugged gumshoe on an impossible mission. You are duty-bound to take up the fight against crime on the sordid streets of 21st Century San Francisco and save mankind for the evil clutches of the sinister shape-shifting Chameleon.

    Access and U.S. Gold present the most eagerly-awaited release in games history - the world's first truly interactive movie. Ignore the false claims made by lesser titles, Under A Killing Moon is the only game to achieve this revolutionary breakthrough into the realms of genuine interactive entertainment.

    An epic plot, rich in compelling detail, keeps you gripped until the final curtain as you explore the elaborate studio-generated city, rubbing shoulders with Hollywood stars. Texture-mapped objects and gritty characterisation create sensational realism as the breathtaking drama unfolds to tell a twisted tale of conspiracy and intrigue.

    Step out of the dark and Under A Killing Moon, where your wildest dreams become reality .....

    • Spectacular soundtrack from award-winning musician
    • Vivid 3D photorealistic animation
    • Complete flexibility in movement and gameplay
    • First person viewpoint
    • Multi-layered, sophisticated storyline
    • 4 CD-ROMS
    • Full fidelity 16 bit 22 Khz sound
    • Easy-to-use interface
    • Extensive built-in hints'n'tips

    A stunning technological achievement" PC Review

    "The next multimedia sensation" CD-ROM and Multimedia Now

    "One that's going to be worth waiting for" PC Power

    Contributed by PolloDiablo (16897) on Apr 28, 2010.

Advertisement in PC Games, October 1994 (German):


    Der Film zum Mitspielen auf 4 CD-ROMs


    Erleben Sie den "ersten wirklich interaktiven Film" auf vier CD-ROMS!
    Bringen Sie Ihren Trenchcoat in die Reinigung, denn hier spielen Sie in der Rolle von Tex Murphy, seines Zeichens Privatdetektiv, die Hauptrolle in einem exzellenten Kriminal-Abenteuer. Treffen Sie Hollywood-Stars wie Russel Means
    (DER LETZTE MOHIKANER), Brian Keith (PARENT TRAP) und Margot Kidder (SUPERMAN), während Sie sich frei in einer virtuellen Welt bewegen! Mit über drei Stunden Filmaufnahmen und 21 weiteren Schauspielern ist UNDER A KILLING MOON ein echter Meilenstein. Das Multimedia-Ereignis für Sie! Lauffähig mit MS-DOS-Computer (AB 386ER, SVGA, FESTPLATTE, 4MB RAM, CD-ROM-LAUFWERK) Wir wünschen gute Unterhaltung!

    Contributed by Xoleras (66780) on Oct 09, 2004.

Advertisement in Strategy Plus, April 1995:
    ACCESS Brings You a Virtual World Interactive Movie!

    What Reviewers are Saying:

    "Lots of games claim to be pushing the envelope - Under a Killing Moon blows it to smithereens!" -William Trotter, PC Entertainment

    "Under a Killing Moon... the most elaborate graphic adventure to date. A ground breaking CD adventure!" -Joyce Worley, Electronic Games

    "Under a Killing Moon combines the best elements of movies and computer games and creates an amazing interactive experience that's better than either of them. It literally pulls you into the screen." -Denny Atkin, Entertainment Editor, Compute Magazine

    This category-creating Interactive Movie from ACCESS Software goes light years beyond any other product labeled "interactive." Under a Killing Moon takes you to the streets of post World War III San Francisco and casts you into the role of Tex Murphy, Private Investigator, who first appeared in Mean Streets, then Martian Memorandum. Under a Killing Moon is a Virtual World full of people and places so richly detailed, you'll feel like you're actually there.

    Q: What do film stars Brian Keith, Margot Kidder & Russell Means all have in common?

    A: They all star in ACCESS Software's new CD thriller Under a Killing Moon!

    Contributed by Belboz (6576) on Apr 25, 2001.

Access Software 1997 Fall Catalog:
    It's December 2042 and Tex Murphy, the last of the old-style PIs, has hit rock bottom. Then a priceless statuette is stolen. From the shadowy back streets of post-apocalyptic San Francisco come rumors that an ancient evil, foretold by prophecy and worshiped by an ancient blood cult, has mysteriously reawakened.

    When Tex is hired to find the statuette, he plunged into labyrinth of deceit, manipulation and murder. He'll need all of his PI instincts and every ounce of Murphy sacoir faire to resist the seduction of darkness and stop the forces of evil - before the terrifying prophecies become reality.

    Under A Killing Moon stars Brian Keith (Hardcastle & McCormick, The Parent Trap), Margot Kidder (Superman I, II, III), Russell Means (The Last of the Mohicans, Natural Born Killers), and features the voice of James Early Jones (Star Wars, Field of Dreams, The Lion King).

    "Software Publisher's Association (SPA) CODIE Award"
    - 1995

    "Four stars out of four"
    "Top 100 CD-ROMs of the 1994"
    - PC Magazine

    Contributed by MAT (193884) on Apr 15, 2001.

Back of Box - DOS (US):
    As Tex Murphy, Private Investigator, you are in your seedy, 2nd floor office, in the heart of a run down mutant part of town. You must stop the forces of evil before they destroy mankind and rob you of your next unemployment check.

    This thrilling and hilarious adventure is unlike anything you've seen before. The graphics quality, the fascinating, believable characters, and complete freedom of movement will make you feel like you've actually walked through the screen and become the main character in a rich, intriguing mystery movie.


    • Three (was actually four --Ed.) CDs of unparalleled graphics and sound.

    • Full freedom of movement, explore where, when, and what you want!

    • Be part of an exciting comedy thriller!

    • Top-notch Hollywood talent.

    • Extensive built-in hints.

    • An interface that makes interaction intuitive and simple.

    • Full fidelity 16-bit 22Khz sound.

    Contributed by MAT (193884) on Feb 11, 2000.