Written by  :  MAT (191877)
Written on  :  Apr 24, 2000
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Whow! Heartbeating adventure.

The Good

The moment I took a step into my office, the smell of a cheap parfeume started to tickle my nose. Yeah, there she was, sitting on my working desk, lovely as alwas, with legs to die for. Another customer for sure. Uhh if she was only more, but sure will try to work our diplomatic relationship a bit better than is. She saw me some coverup story, and wanted me to find her father, presumably dead, but missing. I smell trouble all the way, but I took the case anyway. It was my ticket out of my paperwork. I took my old trusty .38 and accidently threw it out my window. Damn, I guess I'll be off the gun in this case. But that won't be enough to stop hard-boiled p.i. like myself, nope baby.

I couldn't feel more like a detective than when starting this game. A big case was warming up, and there was only me to left. A hard-bioled from up 40s, the only old fashioned detective in 21st century, not to mention how effective. I wouldn't need much close, only a set of about dozen fedoras with the same shoes. When something suits you perfect, detective rule No1. is - stick to it. Many rules there are in a p.i. line of work, but you must know them all and live by them all.

This game is third in a row where you play Tex Murphy, 21st century detective with a touch of class from old 40s. Following steps of your idols like Philip Marlowe & Sam Spade you use their kind of investigation, confident and always solving a case. Tex Murphy has some great cases solved as you could see if playing "Mean Streets" and "Martian Memorandum". But this time, the game gets totally new fedora to try.

I played this game five years after it came out, but you couldn't pull me off my chair even if you wanted to. Acting is absolutely great, and this adventure game gives you freely walking/running through the streets of San Francisco in the run down part of city, through your office and other rooms and places. That Tex Murphy (played by Chris Jones) is really something. I take my bow to Access Software for this game. You feel like your in the movie, or better, a part of that virtual reality scene. It's time for you to feel how Humphrey Bogart or Robert Mitchum felt as in Philip Marlow role, and tell it out loud 'Who said I can't be a good p.i.?'.

The Bad

Not a damn thing against this one (pardon my french).

The Bottom Line

You ever wanted to feel p.i., solve couple of mean mysteries and got a hot chick as a reward? Well, first two you can get the moment you start the game. The last one, well, you'll see how you affect women. Music is really amazing, like from Perry Mason mysteries. If you ever appreciated adventures or detectives, try this please, you won0t regret it, I guarantee with my p.i. word on it.