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Under a Killing Moon Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Now that's a configuration screen
Tex Murphy, hard at work
Hey, you can move around in here!
The paper contains some clues...
...and the paper contains some humorous asides as well
Russell Means as 'The Chameleon'
Questioning Mac Malden
Questioning Louie Lamintz (mutant)
The street outside your office (full-screen navigation enabled)
Questioning Chelsee Bando
Questioning Beek Nariz (mutant)
A secret door
Some 'minor' errors in the texture engine
What, I died?..
Looking for a clue under a table
The plot thickens
Questioning the bartender (Margot Kidder)
Now where the hell am I?
Tex Murphy, pondering evil over justice
Credits, including outtakes
Characters are nicely added into the 3D navigational mode
It's hard to believe that you can actually move in first person mode in such a detailed world
When it comes to resourcefulness, no one beats Tex
It's easy to walk the hallway once you know how to disarm the security field net
It's so easy at first look, but... this'll include some seriously unpleasant yet funny bouncing
Kidnapped in his own office
Tex Murphy, the only PI that's not just a PI
Getting the right information can sometime prove fatal
Traveling the map. More locations uncover as you progress
Ardo works at the front desk of the hotel, he's not too bright...
Tex meets up with Pug
Piecing together a ripped up note
Tex hopes to find some useful information by sneaking into the GRS building
An office in the GRS building
Eva Shanzee has made a recording of herself on a mini disc
A cinematic style cutscene
In the conference room of GRS
A gun-packing thug