The Varginha Incident Credits


ProjectMarcos F. Cuzziol, Odair Gaspar
StorylineMarcos F. Cuzziol, Odair Gaspar
Artificial IntelligenceMarcos F. Cuzziol
ProgrammingMarcos F. Cuzziol
MapsOdair Gaspar
GameflowOdair Gaspar
GraphicsMarcos F. Cuzziol
AnimationsMarcos F. Cuzziol
Special 3D ModelingMarcos F. Cuzziol
Sound DesignEstúdio FC
Music Composed byFábio Cordelli
Cover ArtRogério Vilela
ManualHans Veríssimo, Rod Reis
Game EngineAcknex Game Engine
The Varginha Incident usesSmacker® Video Technology

Credits for this game were contributed by chirinea (44330)