The Varginha Incident Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Intro cutscene: a UFO is sighted by Brazilian forces.
Title screen.
Main menu, brought by the ESC key, much like other previous FPS.
You're at the UFO's landing spot, and the aliens approach you.
Uh-oh, there comes the army, and they're shooting everybody, I'd better run!
To escape you must jump into a lake.
You've found a gun.
Cutscene: the UFO, captured by the army.
An alien escapes.
The alien gives you a Bioproc and an important mission: to rescue their ship.
Your first mission briefing: to find an alien in the local hospital.
Arriving at the hospital.
Inside the hospital's chapel you'll find some useful items.
You've found a MP Special.
Fighting a soldier.
You're dead.
The alternate title
The alternate menu
When the screen goes red like this you're taking damage