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Varmint's Eittris Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

On loading for the first time the player is presented with a screen that declares the game to be freeware. The game then presents it's main menu.
There are many, many special blocks that make competitive play interesting
Each player has their own action keys. They are pre-defined but both the keys and the names can be changed
Though Eittris can be played as a multiplayer game this is not compulsory. It can be played as a single player game too.
In a single player game there's no advantage in collecting special blocks. Most of the screen is blank/black as it's used for the falliing bricks of the other players.
At one time players could post their scores on-line. Sadly now the web page referred to redirects to an annoying web advertisement
This is a multiplayer game with the computer taking the part of three of the players.
A four-player game has just begun. Each player is linked to a specific victim who is the target of any special bricks that are activated.
Special blocks do not stay in the player's pile for long. Compare the human player stack on the left. There's a special block on row two, four bricks in ...
... the special block referred to in the previous screen shot has disappeared but another has appeared on row three.
The computer opponent Bam Bam has expired. They were the target of the human player's special blocks, now they are no more the human player targets Fred.
Moby Gamer wins! Now it's just a question of how high the score will go.
Eventually the game is over
After the game the results are shown