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A small bug in the game makes it possible to kill just about anything, including the "unkillable" entities and those that should only succumb to particular weapons - perhaps with the exception of Kairn and the living statues (activated if the vampire isn't killed), and even that, I believe, due to their extremely high rate of hitpoints rather than to their actual immortality. How to do it? Simply by throwing objects at the enemy! The heavier or sharper the object, the more damage it will do. In this way you can, e.g., kill Andrei the Zombie and spend all your silver instead of having the silver sword (the only weapon to whose hits Andrei reacts) made of it! :) This bug is present in all versions of the game that I've played (that is, two versions ;)

Contributed by Jaromir Krol (271) on Nov 28, 2000. -- edit trivia

One of the key moments in the plot of "Veil of Darkness" is discovering the real name of Kairn. The name - contained in the pages of Agrippa the cursed book - is supposed to be chosen randomly from a long list. However, it seems that in some versions (perhaps those cracked) or on some systems the same name is "chosen" every time. For those curious, here is a list of the real names of the grim vampire: Beaulu, Bhenblod, Brcko, Dauthr, Drak, Feodor, Malachi, Seth, T'san, Yfelan.

Contributed by Jaromir Krol (271) on Nov 21, 2000. -- edit trivia

The opening sequence says you fly your plane over a region of Romania: a valley in the middle of the Carpathians. Vlad Tepes (a.k.a. Vlad "the impaler" Dracul; count Dracula) lived and ruled in a region named Transylvania (as I'm sure many of you know) which is located in none other than...Romania.

Contributed by n-n (55) on Oct 18, 2000. -- edit trivia