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    Interplay aims for another winner with Virtual Snooker tm for PC

    Irvine, Calif., July 17, 1996 -- Interplay Productions announced today the release of the highly-sophisticated and challenging pool simulation game Virtual Snooker(tm). Virtual Snooker is the follow-up Virtual Pool, which sold 250,000 units world-wide and won numerous awards such as: "Best Sports Game of the Year;" by PC Gamer, "Best VR Game" by Computer Player, "Best of Everything: Strategy/Sim Games" by Computer Life and Five Stars from MultiMedia World. Once again Interplay will offer consumers a money-back guarantee if this game does not improve their actual snooker game -- see retailer for details. Virtual Snooker is now available through retail outlets nationwide for IBM and 100% compatible computers on CD-ROM.

    All the play and action of the real game is featured in Virtual Snooker: it calculates friction, cushion response and cue ball spin for accurate play. Tracking lines can help the player improve their game and even hardened professionals can learn a thing or two. Like Virtual Pool the stunning 3-D graphics give a realistic perspective to the game, allowing the players to `walk' around the table, zoom in, back away and see a full view of the table from any angle. Plus, players will be treated to up to 30 minutes of video footage with Steve Davis, the six-time world snooker champion, including his historic "147 break."

    "Virtual Snooker is an excellent addition for the many Virtual Pool players and pool aficionados," said Trish Wright, vice-president of marketing for Interplay. "The popularity of Snooker in Europe combined with the popularity of Virtual Pool leads the way for Virtual Snooker."

    Developed by Celeris, Inc., Virtual Snooker features a frame rate of 29 per second and ultra-fast-high resolution rendering. Virtual Snooker has the ability to be played over network or through a modem -- having all the tension of the true matchroom! The 360 degree environment that made Virtual Pool a big hit is also featured in Virtual Snooker and a tutorial section is featured for those not familiar with Snooker. Snooker is a game that involves more strategy than pool and Virtual Snooker is sure to make snooker fans of Virtual Pool players.

    The game of Virtual Snooker is to earn the most points by sinking all the colored balls: the red balls are worth 1 point each and the colored balls are worth between 2 to 7 points each, with black worth 7 points. The game is shooting the red ball first then a colored ball. After the colored balls are shot in the pocket they are placed back on their assigned spot on the table. The ideal situation would be to shoot red then black, red then black etc_since black is worth the most points. Red balls stay in pocket and colored balls come out until there are no more red balls on the table.. If no red balls, the colored balls must be shot in point value from lowest to highest, but the black ball must be the last ball shot. A perfect score is 147! Besides the alternate red/colored ball shots, you can score on a snooker. If you shoot and rest your cue ball in a place where your opponent cannot hit the red ball first, then you SNOOKERED your opponent and earned four points.

    Founded in 1983, Interplay Productions is a company dedicated to manufacturing and distributing a wide range of award-winning entertainment and educational software designed by gamers, for gamers. Interplay, MacPlay (the company's Macintosh division), VR Sports (the company's sports division), and its affiliates release products for IBM and compatibles, CD-ROM and Macintosh as well as leading console game platforms. Interplay's OEM division represents over 200 titles from publisher's including Davidson & Associates, Inc., Viacom New Media and Accolade to hardware manufactures. Interplay titles include Virtual Pool (r), Descent(r), Cyberia(r), Boogerman(r), Frankentstien: Through The Eyes Of The Monster(r), Battle Chess tm and Clayfighter(r). More comprehensive information on Interplay and its products is available through the company's worldwide web site at

    Contributed by skl (1142) on Feb 22, 2004.

Unknown Source:
    Enter the world of Virtual Snooker (TM), a snooker game so real we are sure it will improve your actual snooker playing. It has all the angles, all the shots of the real game - and more! Take a lesson in snooker techniques and tactics from six-time world champion Steve Davis.

    - Product Features -

    • 52-minute full-motion video library, including tutoring and Steve Davis' legendary 147 break.
    • Easy multi-player modes: challenge a friend, play a virtual opponent or play on two computers via network or modem.
    • Has all the feel and control of the real game: your mouse interfaces directly to the cue for realistic control. Ease back gently for a soft touch, or stroke hard for a strong touch.
    • Realistic 3-D perspective & graphics: take a walk around the table, look left and right, zoom in for a closer look, then line up your shot just like you would on an actual table.

    Contributed by Oli Norwell (43) on May 23, 2000.