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Virtual Snooker Credits (DOS)

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Virtual Snooker Credits


Production ManagerStephen Chaplin
Lead ProgrammerRas'Putin' 
ProgrammersMatt Soares, Stephen Chaplin
Simulation ModelingRas'Putin' 
Game MusicStephen Chaplin
Game DesignStephen Chaplin, Ras'Putin' 
Program DesignRas'Putin' 
Multimedia Production ManagerEd Ritchie
Tutorial and Game Intro ScriptEd Ritchie


Director of Sports DevelopmentMatthew Findley
ProducerChris Parker
Line ProducerJeffrey Karl Barnhart
Video Compression and Playback TechnologyPaul Allen Edelstein
Video Digitizing and SyncingJim Bowser, Bill Stoudt
Audio MasteringCraig Duman, Sergio A. Bustamante II
Sound EffectsLarry Peacock
Title ScreenDavid Finley
Director of Quality AssuranceJeremy S. Barnes
Asst. Director of Quality AssuranceJim Boone (Nephlim)
Lead TestersTony Martin, Chad Allison
TestersTony Piccoli, Quinn Summers, David Hendee, Chris Keenan, Darrell Jones
Graphic DesignSalma Asadi
Original Manual CopyKelly Newcomb
Manual RevisionChris Parker, Stephen Chaplin


DirectorMartin Denning
Asst. to DirectorBecky Simmons
CameraJohn Ralphs
Sound RecordistIan Edwards
ElectricianDoug Short
PATessa Darbourne
MakeupStephanie Perel
Snooker ServicesMatchline, Keith Davis
RiggerGarth Smith
TelepromptAutocue Ltd.
ScriptingEd Ritchie
Creative TechnicianStephen Chaplin
Special Thanks ToStephen Davis, Ronnie O'Sullivan, Ali N. Atabek, Paul Kellner, Paul Allen Edelstein, Sean Cramer
Some Movie Editing BySunset Post Inc.
Some Sound Effects Provided ByNMR! Productions
Virtual Reality Effects Created Using3 Dimensional Video Acceleration - © 1995 Celeris Inc.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jewelcase (1186)