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VR Soccer '96 Credits

38 people


Game DesignAdrian Carless, Andy Findlay
ProgrammingKevin Dudley, Andy Findlay, Laurent Noel, Richard Stevenson
Lead ArtistWayne Laybourn
Additional ArtistsMartin Calpin, Matt Furniss, Oliver Murray, Les Spink
FMV Video Alan Coltman (Camera and Editing), David Lewis, Jim Tibutt
Motion Capture TechnologyPaul Hiley, Mick Sheehan, Tony Wills, Ben Wilson
CommentaryBarry Davies, Jörg Wontorra (German version), Arne Scheie (Norwegian version)
FootballersGraham Hyde (Sheffield Wednesday Football Club), Andy Sinton (Sheffield Wednesday Football Club), Chris Woods (Sheffield Wednesday Football Club)
Team Data ResearchRob Millington, Rysard Bolowski
Sound TechnologyHuman Machine Interfaces Inc.
Music & Sound EffectsNeil Biggin, Pat Phelan (Creative Manager)
ProducerAnthony Casson
DocumentationClaire Reynolds, Kim Blake
Manual Design & LayoutMalchick Nostra
Software ManagerTim Heaton
Product DirectorJames North-Hearn
Quality AssuranceRob Millington, Lee Campbell, Sim Furniss, Tony Howe, Carl Bilby

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Credits for this game were contributed by Wizo (29534), Zovni (10633), Kabushi (256018) and formercontrib (158422)