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War Inc. Credits

81 people (69 developers, 12 thanks)


Game DesignersKen Klopp, Michael Strauss, John Loehrlein
Original StoryKen Klopp, John Loehrlein, John Osako
Optik ManagementMichael Strauss, Shawn Sullivan
Lead ProgrammerKen Klopp
ProgrammersKris Morness, Christopher Stoy, Michael Strauss, Matthew Grice
Lead ArtistJohn Loehrlein
ArtistsMichael Simonds, Gordon Chapman, Jayme Wilkinson, Zoltan Meszaros, Andrew Hollister, Erik Dolnack
Cinematic/Office Interface DesignShawn Sullivan
Cinematic ArtistsJohn Loehrlein, David Knox, Andrew Hollister, Erik Dolnack
Mission DesignMichael Strauss, Paul Potera
Audio Producer/Music ComposerMichael Bross
Audio Production AssistantStephen Burkholder
ScriptRobert Carr, Paul Potera

Interactive Magic

ProducerPaul Potera
V.P. External DevelopmentRay Rutledge
Product Marketing ManagerAngela Lipscomb
Support TextMichael Strauss, Paul Potera, David Artman, Brian K. Davis VII, Steven Wartofsky
ManualSara Ley, Brian Tate
Manual IllustrationsRobb Shandroff
Manual EditingSarah O'Keefe, Alan Pringle (Scriptorium Publishing Services Inc.)
Manual LayoutSarah O'Keefe, Alan Pringle (Scriptorium Publishing Services Inc.)
Additional SoundsChristopher Roby
VoicesMichael Bross (as Harlan Michaels), Ted Brunetti (as Chairman), Ivy Vahanian (as Briefing Computer), Kimberly Eddy-Bross (as Battle Computer), Santigold (as Old C.E.O.), Darren Eliker (as Crazed Ransomer)
Battle VoicesStephen Burkholder, Darren Eliker, Paul Potera, Michael Strauss, Santigold , Michael Bross
ScreamsChristopher Roby (Nightmare)
Quality AssuranceDavid Green
Play-Testing CoordinatorBrian K. Davis VII
Internal TestingJoe Allen, Ismini Boinodiris Roby, James Cowgill, Chris Gardner, Carlin Gartrell, Anthony Lazaro, Joe Meyers, Becky Starling, Mike Metrosky, Mike Pearson, Marc Racine, Jason Sircy, Adam Turner, Greg Young, Ted Wagoner
External TestingDean Robb, Jim Pedicord, Malcolm Roberts, Walt Graham, Robert Fenner, Will Fuller, Chris Helmstetter, Brian Montgomery, David Mountain, Barry Spikes, Aubrey Mason, Steve Grant, Matt McKeehan, Jason Henderson, Richard Borders, Ben Herd, Roderick Pommier
ApologiesThe wookie we broke
Special ThanksThe Whole Crew at I-Magic Labs, Joe West, Matthew Evanson, Patrick Kelly, Chanler Childs, Cameron Beccario, Jeff Kiel, John Dupree, Josephine Michener, Paul Meegan, Van, Duece

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Credits for this game were contributed by Ken Klopp (40), B.L. Stryker (22378) and formercontrib (158645)