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Written by  :  Horny-Bullant (59)
Written on  :  Nov 24, 2003
Platform  :  DOS

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Hack 'n' Slash

The Good

A definite up in the graphics since the previous. The storyline in WC2 is allot more in-depth than the one in WC1. The new units such as Elven archers and Troll axe throwers give the game allot more variety. This is the only Warcraft to have ships and oil which was not that bad of an idea but for some reason they didn't carry the idea on to WC3. It has allot of different maps that were not available in the first one such as maps with snow etc.

The Bad

Even though the story line is a little more in-depth in this game the missions are still mostly just: build a base, make lots of units and then go and defeat the enemy. The fact that the population limit is quite low gets annoying nut it is not that much of a problem.

The Bottom Line

A definite must for any RTS fan or any fan of the Warcraft series.