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WarCraft II: Tides of Darkness Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Intro sequence
Main menu
Mission Objectives screen (Human)
Mission Objectives screen (Orc)
Animated introduction
Animated introduction (continued)
Using the editor to make my own scenario
Peasants are the foundation of your army as they mine gold, chop wood and construct buildings
Dwarven demolition squads are suicide bombers and can do quite a bit of damage
Death Knights starting a massacre with both the whirlwind spell and the death & decay spell
After you've completed both the human & orc campaign you can always set up a custom scenario if you want to play some more
In a custom scenario humans can fight against humans
A bunch of dragons preying on the arriving oil-tankers
A harbour with a collection of human vessels
Mages have several spells, the toughest part for the player is to use these spells in the middle of a hectic battle
Post battle summary with several statistics
Knights killing miners. Cutting off your opponent's supply of resources is always a good tactic
The goblin zeppelin is great for exploring the map and seeing what your enemy is up to
Orcs have dragons, the humans have Gryphon Riders for aerial attacks
Death Knights can raise the dead and create an army of skeletons