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Written by  :  Horny-Bullant (59)
Written on  :  Nov 24, 2003
Platform  :  DOS

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A classic

The Good

The first of a long line of very successful games. In warcaft 1 you find out how it all begun and why the orcs and humans are having the war in the first place. And even though people today might not be very impressed with the graphics, it has still got good gameplay and is very good for its time.

The Bad

Well obviously since it is such an old game the graphics are not exactly what you would call spectacular, and as is the downfall of many other RTS games there is not much variety in the missions. It just comes down to defeating a computer player before the computer player defeats you. Another annoying thing about warcraft 1 is that they hadn't come up with the right click to move and attack idea back then so you have to click on the move icon and then click on the world map etc. and that gets quite annoying after a while.

The Bottom Line

This game is worth buying if only to find out how the battle between orcs and humans started in the first place. And it is also not a bad RTS if your not looking for spectacular graphics.