Warlords II Deluxe Credits


Game DesignSteve Fawkner, Roger Keating, Gregor Whiley, Ian Trout, Gary Makin
Program DesignSteve Fawkner, Roger Keating, Gary Makin
Art DirectorNick Stathopoulos
Computer GraphicsNick Stathopoulos, Steve Ford, Hilary Mackay, Steve Fawkner, Mark J. J. Hill
ProducerGregor Whiley
Game DevelopmentGregor Whiley, Steve Fawkner, Roger Keating, Steve Hand, Alex Shaw, Ian Trout, Gary Makin, Judith Weller
Sleeve ArtNick Stathopoulos
Computer ArtNick Stathopoulos, Steve Fawkner, Steve Ford
Audio DirectorSteve Fawkner
Musical ScoreSteve Fawkner, Janeen Fawkner
Sound & VoiceSteve Fawkner, Nick Stathopoulos
Audio SoftwareDrivers by The Audio Solution, OPL Patches by The Fat Man
Special ThanksRowan Keating (Programmer Assitance), Tony Oliver (Programming Assitance), Simon Hayes (Programming Assitance), John Ratcliff (Communications Drivers), Ted Gruber Software [SVGA Support]
TestingJaneen Fawkner, Mark J. J. Hill, Karl-Peter Baum, Tim Wakeman, Andrew C. Taubman, Scott Vost, Rowan Keating, Shelley Keating, Judith Weller, Chris Kane, Tim Kane, Conor Keane, Brendan Keane, Tim Reichelt, John Reichelt, Darrin Rogers, Charles Dean, Glen Barnett, Alan Emrich, Jacob Smith, Alex Shaw, Anthony Pearson, Jenima Trout, Jennie Leslie, Sarah Reichelt, Mike Miller, Mark Palmer, Elva Trout (The Slayer)
ScenariosJim McNally (200 BC), Jeremy Reaban (Altair), Jennie Leslie (America; Roman; Rule Britannia; Waterloo; Zulu), Jenima Trout (America; Roman; Rule Britannia; Waterloo; Zulu), Mike Salt (Babe War), C. Alex Fredericks (Calador), Jim Ground (Chesciv), Mark J. J. Hill (Civil War!!!; Elemental Problems; Esesgee Isle; Flooded Halls; Glacial Isles; Jungle Valley; Minotaur Maze; Spindle Isle; The Well; Twin Towers), Paul Ceccarelli (Dante's Inferno), Steve Ford (Dark Continent; Europa; Transylvania), Rick Moscatello (Diptharia), Paul Paella (Fantasy), Janeen Fawkner (Hand of Fate), Danny Hamilton (Holy Wars), Brett Harrison (Invasion; Warthogs II), Rowan Keating (Landlords), Roger Keating (Landlords; Star), Bob Plyler (Mythtec), Nick Stathopoulos (Nippon Babylon), Will Michael (Norse Mythology), John Silverbeard (Pirates), Paul Fields (Rain War), David Bush (Russia), Perry L Wood (Severus), Gregor Whiley (Spectremia), Frosty Schneeman [The Fall of Rome], Kendra Michael (The Vale), Glenn Glasell (Trucks), Darrin Hutchison (War of Powers)

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Credits for this game were contributed by POMAH (52115) and VagabonD SerpenT (32)