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Warlords II Credits


Game DesignSteve Fawkner, Roger Keating, Ian Trout, Gregor Whiley
Program DesignSteve Fawkner, Roger Keating
Game DevelopmentSteve Fawkner, Stephen Hand, Roger Keating, Gary Makin, Alex Shaw, Ian Trout, Gregor Whiley
ProducerGregor Whiley
Art DirectorNick Stathopoulos
Computer ArtSteve Fawkner, Nick Stathopoulos
Sleeve ArtNick Stathopoulos
Musical DirectorSteve Fawkner
Original MusicJaneen Fawkner, Steve Fawkner
Sound EffectsSteve Fawkner
The VoiceSteve Fawkner, Nick Stathopoulos
Programming AssistanceSimon Hayes, Gary Makin, Tony Oliver
Programmer AssistanceRowan Keating
Nitpicking and NaggingIan Trout
TestingKarl-Peter Baum, Alan Emrich, Janeen Fawkner, Mark J. J. Hill, Chris Kane, Tim Kane, Brendan Keane, Conor Keane, Rowan Keating, Shelley Keating, Jennie Leslie, Mark Palmer, Anthony Pearson, John Reichelt, Sarah Reichelt, Tim Reichelt, Darrin Rogers, Alex Shaw, Jacob Smith, Andrew C. Taubman, Elva Trout, Jenima Trout, Scott Vost, Tim Wakeman, Judith Weller

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Credits for this game were contributed by -Chris (7563)