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Atari 50

Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Commodore 64 (US):



    International Gang Vows to Steal Europe's Treasures


    Carmen Sandiego and a new gang of criminals
    have launched an international crime wave, authori-
    ties said today. "Carmen's target this time is nothing
    less than all of Europe and its incredible store of
    national treasures," a top Interpol official warned.

    In a unique display of international coopera-
    tion, Western and Eastern-bloc countries are under-
    taking an all-out effort to outwit master-criminal
    Sandiego, who recently staged a spectacular escape
    from her top-security prison cell, Interpol has
    enlisted the aid of the world famous Acme Agency,
    with its computerized network of skilled operatives.

    was last seen outside Marseilles and was believed to
    have boarded the Orient Express for an unknown
    destination. She is reported to have 15 new accom-
    plices including Clare d'Loon, a concert pianist
    accused of murdering several compositions, the
    sophizticated Lotta Style and Luke Warmwater, who
    was trying to rob a riverbank


    Gang's base of operations


    All 34 nations of Europe. (Prime targets include Sofia, Stockholm, Madrid. . . )


    1. Rand McNally "Concise Atlas of Europe" -- Filled with the facts and maps needed to track the quarry.

    2. New on-line Data Base -- provides additional information on European nations to help solve clues.

    3. Computerized Crimestopper's Notebook -- helps keep track of clues to each suspect's identity.

    4. Colorful, graphics and animation -- keeps play fast-paced, interesting. and FUN!


    1. Search the scene of the crime.

    2. Question all witnesses. ← Don't overlook any !

    3. Call local tipsters.

    4. Travel Europe's great cities tracking the suspects.

    5. Obtain correct warrant ! ! ! Argh!


    1. Master Geography and map reading, to track the suspects.

    2. Learn research skills, to determine thexxv suspect's whereabouts.

    3. Pick up historical, economic and cultural facts to decipher clues.


    Demonstrate your skills in map reading, research and problem-solving to track down the guilty party and obtain the right warrant. If you're successful, you'll move up the ranks to Master Detective before you know it. And with 16 possible suspects, 34 targeted countries, and nearly 1,000 clues, you'll be kept continually on your toes !

    - TELEX -

    FROM: Agent M-22
    TO: The Chief
    NUMBER: 41560
    SUSPECT: Carmen Sandiego


    Previous criminal operations in Case #40050, "Where in the
    World is Carmen Sandiego?" and Case #40150, "Where in the
    USA is Carmen Sandiego?"

    LAST KNOWN WHEREABOUTS: Somewhere in Europe...


    This is a tough case, make no mistake about it. Carmen and
    her gang are slipperier than a sack of eels! I was able to pick
    up her trail at the train yard in Nîmes but the elusive Ms.
    Sandiego has been able to stay one jump ahead of me ever
    since. I'm not positive, but she may have boarded the Orient
    Express. If it was Carmen, it means she's on the loose again
    and nothing in Europe will be safe until she and her gang are
    behind bars. There won't be a gondola left in Venice or
    a stone at Stonehenge and the only thing left of Hamlet's
    Castle will be the moat!

    We're going to have to pull out all the stops if we want a
    chance of catching this master thief. The best weapon at our
    disposal is information. Make sure all operatives use the new
    on-line Database and their copy of Rand McNally's "Concise
    Atlas of Europe." And remind them to use their Cromestopper's
    Notebook to record the goods on each culprit so they don't get
    the wrong warrant.

    Sorry to be resigning from the case but after 10 months of
    chasing Carmen through 34 countries, I need a vacation... and
    you can be sure it won't be in Europe!

    Carmen's Secret Code →

    Contributed by FatherJack (62719) on Apr 02, 2015.

Advertisement in COMPUTE, October 1990:

    Trench Coat Optional. Fun Included.


    The notorious Carmen Sandiego is on the loose. She and her gang are swiping precious landmarks and treasures all over the map. They're filching everything from the Mona Lisa's smile to the Statue of Liberty's torch.

    Squads of ace detectives are already in hot pursuit: intrepid investigators like those pictured here. But Carmen's not easy to nab. She's a very furtive fugitive.

    So there's plenty of challenging excitement waiting for you.

    So much fun it ought to be illegal

    The Acme Detective Agency will quickly assign you to a case. Then get ready for a whirlwind chase.

    Start at the scene of the crime, questioning witnesses. To help you decipher the clues you uncover, each game comes with a reference book packed with information about the cities and countries you'll need to visit.

    Tracking down the culprits, you'll pick up all kinds of fascinating facts about geography, history and other important topics. At the same time, you'll strengthen your deductive reasoning skills as you sort through the clues.

    Collar the right rascal and you'll be on your way to a promotion... and new and tougher cases.

    Listen to this eyewitness testimony:

    "I've loved Carmen from the very beginning! My 16-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter, and even the neighbors, love to play, too. My kids are always trying to catch up with me! (But they never will!)" -Karen Drellich

    "It's a great trivia game. I've always liked history and geography. But even so, I keep running into things I've forgotten - or never knew." -Wayne Bulette

    "It's a funner way to learn geography," reports 10-year-old Detective Christina Brassey. Eighth-grade sleuth Josh Pedroli agrees. So do reviewers:

    Carmen is a smash hit," reports Newsweek.

    "If kids get addicted to a game, it would be nice if it was one like Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?,"
    says Peggy Charren, President of Action Television, in TV Guide.

    The Carmen Series has won a dossier full of awards. To learn why, conduct your own investigation at your favorite software store.

    Four ways to start chasing Carmen's gang:

    Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Travel to exciting cities around the world, from Budapest to Bangkok. Includes The World Almanac.

    Where in the U.S.A. is Carmen Sandiego?
    Carmen's on a crime spree again... in our own backyard! Includes Fodor's USA Travel Guide.

    Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego?
    Gadzooks! Now she's plundering the 33 nations of Europe. Includes the Rand McNally Concise Atlas of Europe.

    Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?
    This time, your pursuit will take you across the centuries, from A.D. 400 to the 1950's. Includes The New American Desk Encyclopedia.

    Carmen Sandiego programs are available for most popular home computers at suggested retail prices from $34.95 to $49.95. Carmen World, USA and Time support Ad Lib, Sound Blaster, and Tandy 3-Voice & Digital Sound. Now available for IBM 640K hi-res VGA: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Deluxe Edition $79.95 suggested retail. More villains, more clues, more FUN!

    Contributed by Belboz (6574) on Oct 10, 2001.

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