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Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? (Deluxe Edition) Credits

116 people (111 developers, 5 thanks)


Design TeamJohn Baker, Michelle Bushneff, Michael Coffey, Lauren Elliott, Lance Groody, Gene Portwood, Tom Rettig, Kim Walls, Tom Wilcox
Product ManagerKim Walls
Art DirectorMichelle Bushneff
ProgrammerLance Groody
Sound and MusicJonelle Adkisson, Tom Rettig, Michael Barrett, Tim Keanini, Joey Edelman
Folk and Traditional MusicSmithsonian/Folkways Recording
Graphics and AnimationBarbara Lawrence, Maureen Gilhooly, Julie Glavin, Michelle Bushneff, Don Albrecht, Barbara Lawrence, Leila Joslyn, Amanda Crispel, Michael Schlichting, Jim Everson, Daniel Goodwin
Production AssistantKatie Candland
Additional GraphicsMichael Baisuck, Shirley Cochran, Amanda Crispel, Marcela Pesqueira Evans, Michelle Graham, Lydia Haggerty, Leila Joslyn
CluesRick Goldsmith, Kim Walls, Katie Candland
Assistant Product ManagerKatie Maguire
ResearchLaura Leininger
Special Thanks toDouglas C. Carlston, Glenn Axworthy, Matthew Siegel, Jeffrey Charvat, Bob Arient
Quality AssuranceGeorge Peterson, Bett Kocher, Al Petteway (of the National Geographic Society)
Photographic and Map Resources Provided byThe National Geographic Society
CD-ROM ProgrammingLouis Ewens

the world in pictures

National Geographic PhotographersThomas J. Abercrombie (Afghanistan), James L. Amos (Golden Gate Bridge), David Arnold (France), James P. Blair (Argentina), Jodi Cobb (United Kingdom), Dean Conger (China and Indonesia and Pakistan and USSR), Bruce Dale (India and Jamaica and Panama), Wilbur E. Garrett (Kampuchea and Myanmar), Otis Imboden (Honduras and Mexico), Anne B. Keiser (Egypt), H. Edward Kim (South Korea), Bates Littlehales (Australia), Robert Madden (Australia), Luis Marden (Peru), George F. Mobley (Austria and Norway and Pakistan), Albert Moldvay (Thailand), Robert W. Moore (Myanmar and Philippines), Thomas Nebbia (Isreal and Jamaica), Win Parks (Greece and Indonesia and Iraq), Robert S. Patton (Iceland), Steve Raymer (Sri Lanka), Joseph J. Scherschel (Guatemala), Frank Schreider (Brazil and Tanzania), Helen Schreider (Brazil and Tanzania), John Scofield (Nepal), James L. Stanfield (China and Cuba and Isreal and Poland), Volkmar Wentzel (Mali), Paul A. Zahl (Philippines), Steve Zerby (USA)
Magnum Photos Inc. PhotographersAbbas , Eve Arnold (Mongolia), Bruno Barbey (Iran and and Nigeria and Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka), S. Franklin (Iraq), Thomas Hoepker (Germany), Hiroji Kubota (Mongolia), Donald McCullin (Nigeria), Michael Nichols (Rwanda), Dennis Stock (South Korea)
The Image Bank PhotographersBernard Van Berg (Spain), Walter Bibikow (Canada), J. Brignolo (Norway), James H. Carmichael Jr. (Ecuador), Luis Castañeda (Chile and Guatemala and Spain), Alain Choisnet (France), Ernst A. Jahn (New Zealand), Chuck Kuhn (Canada), David J. Maenza (Sweeden), Paul Nehrenz (Singapore), Marvin E. Newman (Sweden and USSR), Luis Padilla (Argentina), Steve Proehl (France), Marc Riboud (Iraq), Marc Romanelli (USA), Guido Alberto Rossi (Italy and Vietnam), Juan M. Silva (Venezuela), Faustino Sirven (New Zealand), John Louis Stage (Spain), Alex Stewart (Peru), Peter Thomann (Bolivia), Paul Trummer (Germany and South Africa), Alfredo Tesi (Italy), Charles Weckler (Peru and South Africa)
Additional Photography Provided ByPeter Blacksberg (Isreal), Katie Candland (Chinatown and Hall of Fame), Kevin Candland (Acme Building), Lynn Ferrin (Myanmar and Nepal and Papau New Guinea), Barbara Haskins (Austria and Denmark and Iceland and India), Russell Johnson (Egypt and Greece and Indonesia and Isreal and Singapore and Turkey), Elvira Lavell (India and Tanzania), Patricia Leeds (Canada and Kenya), Susan Raymond (Japan), James Ream (Italy), Tom Spaulding (Thailand), Albert Streicher (United Kingdom), The Wildlife Collection

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Credits for this game were contributed by Shoddyan (14295) and Katakis | カタキス (42000)