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Comic book ad:
    Open All Night. No Quarters Needed.

    Contributed by Pseudo_Intellectual (60508) on Jan 27, 2013.

Back of Box - (US):
    Five of the greatest arcade hits of all time - now available in one portable collection: Joust, Defender, Robotron, Defender II (Stargate), SiniStar! Classic game play, radical fun.
    • Full versions of the biggest hits in coin-op history!
    • Animation and sound effects from the originals
    • Staying power to the max: these classics launched an industry!
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    • Enter an arcade full of your all-time favorite games!
    • Time to JOUST...Buzzard Bait!
    • "Beware, I LIVE!"

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4672) on May 26, 2007.

Back of box - Windows:

    Enter the Arcade Hall of Fame and
    get ready for the time of your life!

    For heart-stopping action, reflex-stressing excitement and incredibly addictive gaming, nothing can touch these six all-time classic hits: Defender, Joust, Robotron 2084, Bubbles, Defender II and Sinistar.

    These games from Williams dominated the Golden Age of arcades - with gameplay that's unmatched by even today's blockbusters!

    Arcade Classics brings all six of these memorable titles to your PC. These are the actual games in their original code - faithful down to the last pixel and even the last bug that true arcade fiends relish!

    You also get a Multimedia Retrospective of text, images and movie clips never seen before. You'll meet the games' creators, hear their inside stories and learn secret tricks.

    Whether you're playing these arcade games again - or for the first time - get ready for the adrenaline rush of your life!

    Contributed by Jeanne (76516) on Sep 14, 2002.