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Wing Commander: Armada Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The ship taking off from the introduction.
Carrier from the intro.
Main Menu
Armada is the first Wing Commander game that allows to take Kilrathi side.
Dralthi cockpit.
But debris are still sprites unfortunatly.
The tactical overview of the campaign mode.
Sub-menu for building structures on the planets.
Enemy is painted red.
Locking target.
The cockpit can be turned off for higher visibility.
All ship models are 3D now.
Multiplayer allows you pick any ship at once.
And examine every detail of the 3D ship models.
Split-screen support is available in Wing Commander Armada.
Confederation ship cockpit.
An outside view at the Arrow.
The mother ship requires communication in order to land on it.
Cinematic camera -- on Kirlathi's tail.
Origin Systems
shining logo
taking off
Chris Roberts