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Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi - Special Operations 1 Credits

49 people


CD-ROM Shell ProgrammingGary Scott Smith
Lead ProgrammerCharles Cafrelli
ProgrammersTodd Hartmann, John Taylor
Muchowvision SystemSteven Muchow
Additional ProgrammingBrent Allen Thale
InstallationReinaldo Castro
Mission DesignKevin Potter


StoryJack Herman, Charles Cafrelli, Chris Douglas, Ellen Guon Beeman, Kevin Potter
ScriptJack Herman, Ellen Guon Beeman


3-D Models and AnimationChris Douglas, Danny Garrett, Bruce Lemons, Jake Rodgers
2-D AnimationBeverly Garland, Glen Johnson, Gary Washington
FacesGlen Johnson


Vocal Recording and ProcessingRandy Buck
Voice DirectionCharles Cafrelli, Jack Herman
Additional MusicDana Glover
Music EditingMarc Schaefgen

Quality Assurance

QA SupervisorJeff J. Shelton
QA Project LeaderBen Potter
Quality AssuranceRussell Byrd, Michael Chenault, Don Derouen, Timothy Hardy, Robert Hill, Andrew Hoffmann, James L. Nance, Scott Shelton, Perry Stokes, Michael Sturm, Mark Vittek
Additional TestingAnthony Nichols, John Onorato


DocumentationEllen Guon Beeman, Brian Martin, Ana Moreno
Box TextMike Harrison
Design and GraphicsJennifer Davis, David Ladyman, Craig Miller, Deborah Nettingham, Gary Washington

Additional Voices

Prince Thrakhath, Mandarin #1138Gilbert P. Austin
Admiral Rakh'rhtCharles Cafrelli
Admiral TolwynMarten Davies
Manderin #16309Jack Herman
JazzJake Rodgers
ManiacKirk Winterrowd


Assistant to the ProducersAna Moreno
Creative DirectorChris Roberts
Executive ProducerDallas Snell
ProducersVirgil Buell, R. Scott Russo
Consulting DirectorEllen Guon Beeman

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Credits for this game were contributed by Foxhack (30898)