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Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The Origin orchestra - MCGA/VGA
Title screen - MCGA/VGA
opening sequence - MCGA/VGA
opening sequence - MCGA/VGA
The Tigers Claw explodes - MCGA/VGA
beginning a new mission - MCGA/VGA
flying to a checkpoint - MCGA/VGA
side view - MCGA/VGA
kilrathi attacking - MCGA/VGA
you've been hit! - MCGA/VGA
your wingman - MCGA/VGA
more story - MCGA/VGA
Your room aboard the Concordia
Good shot ...
External view
The NAV computer
Fralthra in sight ...
Hot action out there ..
End of a mission. (MCGA/VGA)
Climbing into your spiffy space ship. (MCGA/VGA)
The flight deck. (MCGA/VGA)
Angel is now your boss. (MCGA/VGA)
Talking with your fellow wingmen. (MCGA/VGA)
Complaining about a boring mission. (MCGA/VGA)
Taking off from a planet.
Your ship tech, Sparks.
Made it home after another mission.
That looks like a lot of work (MCGA/VGA)
Title Screen - EGA
Kilrathi Imperial Base - EGA
Blue Shadows - EGA
Kilrathi Emperor - EGA
Crown Prince Thrakhath - EGA
Admiral Tolwyn's Office - EGA
Rear Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn - EGA
Your Character "Bluehair" - EGA
Khasra Redclaw - EGA
Your Exile - EGA
Registration Screen - EGA
Officer's Quarters - EGA
Mission Briefing - EGA
Captain Elizabeth "Shadow" Norwood - EGA
Launch Sequence - EGA
Cockpit Targeting - EGA
Cockpit Wingman Communication - EGA
Confederation P-64C Ferrets (Autopilot) - EGA
Destroyed by an Asteroid - EGA
One to Rule, Hand of Blue - EGA