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Written by  :  mobster_lobster (26)
Written on  :  May 26, 2001
Platform  :  DOS

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A technical feast, but slightly tedious gameplay.

The Good

This was one of the relatively few FMV-games that managed to maintain a certain level of quality. The movie choice-branch thing is ever charming, and the space 3D-engine used to kick ass back in '94.

Specifically, I think Jason Bernard as captain Eisen plays his part convincingly. Comm-exec Rollins is an endearing character, and there's a couple of delectable female crewmembers also.

The Bad

The missions are repetitive and tedious. Nearly every mission is of a sweep-and-clear nature, flying your ship to a number of navpoints and clearing out enemy presence. This is the only major flaw of the game, but it is a huge one. Compare the missions in WC3 to those of Tie Fighter or indeed Wing Commander IV, and you'll see what I mean.

The Bottom Line

WC3 was a gigantic gaming-project; it had a budget size that was previously unheard of in the gaming industry, and was really hot stuff back in '94. Alas, all the live acting-business and technical mayhem (it was one of the first SVGA releases) stole Roberts' attention away from the stuff that really matters: the gameplay. If you want to play a better game, try WC4. In WC4, they rectified all that was wrong with this one.