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Wing Commander: The Secret Missions 2 - Crusade Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main menu
Mission Briefing
Cockpit view [Hornet]
Iceman and me meet some bad boys out in space
Mission Debriefing
Communicating with an Kirathi squad leader
The Firekkans sign a peace treaty - Confederation insure support in the attack case
Attacking a "Snakeir" Carrier [external view]
Attacking a "Snakeir" Carrier [cockpit view]
We return with very good news
We face a "Jalthi" squadron ... we remember ... damn hard opponents
Angels mourns because of Bossman's death
Escorting an Drayman cargo ship
Iceman and Jazz have a drink at the bar
Flying a Kilrathi "Dralthi" fighter
The Kilrathi ambassador lands on Firekka
After the negotiations failed ... Kilrathi troops land on Firekka ... confederation must watch idly
Bossman is dead...
Yeah, whatever, Maniac!
Seems like some trouble ahead on the map!
Iceman complaining about flying a Dralthi.
Side view of Dralthi cockpit.
Rear view of Drathli Cockpit.