Wing Nuts: Battle in the Sky Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Loading screen
Game title screen
Menu screen
Beginning of the game
Problems arrive...
You romance with a French damsel will be reported...
German Albatros plane
Fokker Triplane attack
The Red Baron
Let's go fighting!
Shooting Gameplay
Defending mode: you have to choose right or left to avoid the enemy
A chase with a Fokker Triplane
Your plane is wrecked
Triplane destroyed!
Albatros destroyed!
The Zeppelin is an aircraft carrier
Take off for a mission
Unquiet flight!
German troops while catching back the spy balloon.
In few seconds, you will have a short time to shoot this balloon.
End of a level, return to base with you friend.
The Zeppelin of the Red Baron.
The inside of the Zeppelin
Another German plane destroyed! Yeah!
Game Over