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Witchaven Credits (DOS)

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Witchaven Credits


Executive ProducerAmy Smith-Boylan
ProducerJames M. Wheeler
Product ManagerJudy Melby
Lead ProgrammingRafael Paiz
Additional ProgrammingLes Bird, Joe Abbati
Original Music & Sound FXJoe Abbati
Creature ModelingScott Nixon, Ernesto Roque
3D Animation and ArtworkScott Nixon, Ernesto Roque, Gonzalo Montes de Oca, John Potter, Carlos Ibarra
Cover ArtworkKen Kelly
Map CoordinatorsRichard Henning, Ernesto Roque
Original Story and MapsMike Pitts
DocumentationRobert Hobbs, Frank M. Hale Jr., Rick Lenz
Quality Assurance ManagerCarlos F. Munos
3D IntroductionAnimation Factory
Weapons Provided byBlacksword Armoury Inc.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Erwin Bergervoet (397) and -Chris (7561)