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Witchaven Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Intro animation: entering the gate
Intro animation: castle hall
Intro animation: title
Facing a goblin, let's kill!
Title screen
Starting out; armed only with a knife, we unwisely enter the volcanic pit.
Throughout the game, our weapons wear down, break and must be replaced.
Agh! One of the Goons from Popeye!
Taking on a skeleton with a morning star.
Taking the express elevator down to... well, you figure it out.
Ah! A treasure chest and two potions.
Goblins, like humans, fight others of their own kind because of their different skin color. Here, we step into a battle between the Greens and the Tans.
Negotiating tunnels with the aid of the automap.
Taking on a demo in a lava pit is a breeze with a potion of fire resistance.
We must find the pentagram to use the exit.
Hacking at a goblin with an axe; notice the arrow stuck in the wall.
Hocuscadabra! Casting a night vision spell.
Abracapocus! Casting Magic Arrow at a demon.
Checking our location at the snake statue.
Preparing to face yet another demon with sword and shield.
Come on, you minotaur snake thingy with an axe!
Our red friend won't be needing this axe anymore...
A key, a bow, and a chain to pull. What more could one ask for?
Shh! The snake minotaur can't see us -- we're invisible!
Tortured and mutilated human body parts are displayed in grotesque profusion; observe the dismembered, arrow-ridden torso to the upper-left. It gets worse.
Beware of poisonous spiders.
Surprising a minotaur-snakey-fellow with an arrow.
A trio of scrolls: fireball, open door and freeze.
You know the old saying: step on a crack, melt your foot.
A fiendish trap: step into this area, and around a dozen holes in the walls shred anything in the "kill zone" with arrows.
More treasures: a "Hero Time!" helmet, a quiver of arrows, a fireball scroll, and some plate armor.
A tomb; pull the chain at the other end for a treat.
Loosing an arrow at Our Lady of Entrails.
Going toe-to-toe with this nasty fertility-cult-goddess-looking thing as she pulls out some poisonous innards to throw at us.

Official Screenshots

  • Witchaven Screenshot
    IntraCorp website, 1996
  • Witchaven Screenshot
    IntraCorp website, 1996
    From the intro sequence. The skeletal remains in the bottom of the boat, an...
  • Witchaven Screenshot
    IntraCorp website, 1996
    Another fully rendered graphic from the intro. Will Witchaven be the site o...
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    IntraCorp website, 1996
    At last, a gameplay screenshot. Will such a small sword be sufficient to pu...
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    IntraCorp website, 1996
    Accuracy, speed, courage...if they are lacking in you, your death will come...
  • Witchaven Screenshot
    IntraCorp website, 1996
    At times they come in bunches. You are warned.