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Back of Box - DOS (US):
    When a power mad sorcerer seeks to usurp the rule of the gods, Mazeus, the lord of passion, chooses you as his champion in the ensuing Wizard Wars.

    Corrupted by the black magic he wields, the wizard Aldorin imprisons the White Unicorn, the astral incarnation of light and order. In the universal chaos following this foul deed, Aldorin seeks to establish himself as the ultimate power. Only one hope remains. You assume the role of the wizard Temeres, whose tasks are to reunite the White Unicorn with the Black Unicorn thus restoring the cosmic balance, and to defeat Aldorin in magical combat.

    But Aldorin has stripped you of all but your most basic magic. Before attempting to defeat the evil wizard, you must relearn the art of sorcery by mastering arcane spells and collecting magical relics that strengthen your wizard. Once you regain your powers, you must travel through three dimensions - one of body, another of mind, and a limbo beyond known space where Aldorin dwells in the castle Darkspire.

    Between you and your climatic battle with Aldorin lie the 30 kingdoms of the first dimension. These enchanted lands are filled with various races of magical creatures who may prove friendly or could engage you in combat to the death. Battle the formless Red Knight. Enjoy the pleasures of the sensual Fareshe. Confront the deadly Skelton Warriors. Cavort with the playful Tescaran Dwarves.

    Paragon Software's Wizard Wars is an imaginative fantasy role playing graphics adventure. This powerful tale of gallant heroism and wicked villiany features:

    • Beautifully rendered state-of-the-art fantasy illustrations and animation
    • Over 50 fantastic creatures to encounter and over 85 magical objects to collect
    • Three dimensions and over 30 exciting enchanted kingdoms to explore
    • Sophisticated combat generation factoring in time of day, weapons, armor, strength, and magic spells
    • A full featured 3-D smooth scrolling maze
    • An actual wizards spell book and magical pouch included
    • Sound effects and musical score

    Contributed by Jeanne (76308) on Mar 04, 2011.