Wizardry: Bane of the Cosmic Forge Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen
Main menu - which also serves as the entrance to the dungeon. You'll need to assemble a party before you can do that
First things first: character creation. I chose a cat-like Felpurr; rolled a decent Bonus of 15 - and now I can access some elite classes during profession choice!
Made another character - vanilla fighter. In which weapon do you want to specialize?
Entering the dungeon, accompanied by well-written text. Scare much? That's nothing compared to what awaits you inside...
Early battle against creeping vines. This should be an easy fight
The rooms in the castle look more or less the same. The descriptions are what sets them apart
Trying to cast an air spell on a candle. That doesn't seem to work
Such stairs are everywhere. There are a lot of them. You'll need to map the dungeon before it's too late
You can try to open locked doors by force. Doing that leads to a minigame, which is anything but easy
Beautiful death screen
You are standing in front of an abyss... If you walk there, you fall. Be very careful when exploring the castle
Rats attack you right in front of a door!..
The NPCs in the game are colorful and interesting. This is Queequeg (wasn't he in "Moby Dick" before?), one of the first ones you are likely to meet. You can trade with him, too
This is a busy tavern. You can't see it at all, but you can feel it from the text
Choosing a magic spell during a battle against well-animated bats
Sometimes you'll be prompted to make decisions. And, as you can see here, the choices might be somewhat... grimly unorthodox
This fountain looks tempting, right? Well, if you think every fountain will heal you, think again. This one is actually poisonous!..
The game is full of puzzles of various difficulties. You'll encounter locked doors, traps, impassable places, and what not; you'll need to gather items and information
Find clues, notes, and other interesting information
Ahoy, matey! This here is a fearsome pirate. You can fight him - or engage in a drinking contest! Seriously!
Dark humor is not uncommon in this game. It is still creepy and sad, though...
This is the aptly named Jail dungeon. Nice blue chains and all. You open your action menu
Dialogue with a cool friendly snake. You can type whatever you want. It looks like we are having a great conversation!
Made it to the River Styx. This here is obviously Charon. He asks me for ashes... and I refuse. Why? Because I can!..
Impressive nightgaunts attack in Dwarven Mines
This is the Enchanted Forest dungeon of the game. Seriously. The entire game basically looks the same. You look at the water and divide your battle spoils
Why, look at that! Amazuli archers! So... hehe... how's Amazuli? Everything cool in Amazuli?.. Hehehe...
Come one, don't turn away! Be a man! Or a snake! Whatever!..
Fighting a scripted boss-like battle against a hellcat! And it's not just your ordinary, everyday hellcat - it's a DEMONIC hellcat!..
An important mid-game NPC encounter: Xorphitus the wizard. He'll tell you some pretty deep, philosophical stuff. His fashion taste is dubious, though. The purple hat is so 70-ies
The monsters in the game are nicely drawn and animated. These sea serpents mean business!
Those guys look just like fruit sellers in Jerusalem central market after you tell them they overprice their wares
NPCs have their own unique lines. And this one looks really cool, if you ask me. "Alice in Wonderland" comes to mind
You meet these psychos a lot in the Temple of Ramm. Bloody well MENTAL, they are... Ok, just choose your spell and let's get it over with
Look at this, deep frozen knights!.. Hehehe...
Fighting some cool-looking shadows in a completely dark area. Nice weapon name - nice damage, too!..
You've successfully summoned the Queen of Faeries. To the left are interaction options
Dude... don't look at me like this. Otherwise I'm going to use this ebony heaume (whatever it is) right now!..
I swing a naginata, and goblin shaman dies. If only real life were so simple...
A high-level female elf bard character with plenty of nice equipment
High-level male dracon ninja character with his Academia skills displayed
You've found the Rock of Truth. Now, you'll have to figure out what to do with it...
We are nearing the last chapter of this very long and massive game. You meet two very important characters... and everything depends on how you behave during this meeting
Title screen (CGA)
Exploring the dungeon (CGA)
Hey, where do these stairs go? (CGA)