Written by  :  -Chris (7565)
Written on  :  Jul 31, 2000
Platform  :  DOS

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Easily one of the most difficult games of the 90's.

The Good

There's not much doubt about the fact that the 7th incarnation of Wizardry is a deep and complex role playing game. If you love detailed character generation and management, as I do, you've found your ideal game. In which other RPG are your heroes allowed -- and actually have to! -- change their profession in mid-game? There's plenty of skills to master, a lot of spells to learn. Your choice of characters influences the game much -- this meaning, above all, your chance of surviving even the first few steps.

The Bad

Maybe I'm one of those guys who tire soon, who lack patience. But I've tried -- I've TRIED! -- to make progress in this game. I've trained my heroes. I've fought thousands of battles. I've tried and died, tried and died until I finally finished a quest. I've played Wizardry 7 more than once. But on some point, sooner or later, I've always given up. I cannot recall another game which frustrated me more, confronted me with impossible battles all the time and made each situation as difficult as possible; like an oyster that desperatly tries not to be broken open. Did anyone out there finish Wizardry 7 without cheating? He's earned my respect.

The Bottom Line

This game is the ultimate challenge. Be patient, and be rewarded by an immersive world and an excellent system of rules. You're not the patient type? Then hands off!