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Wolf Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Main menu
Scenario selection screen
Scenario information
Starting a new game in the Simulation mode: choose the simulation options
The wolf selection screen.
A loading screen
The "demo" option in the menu is a tutorial, complete with a explanation of keyboard shortcuts
An ingame screenshot, showing both your wolf and a pack member.
A fight for dominance in the pack
The wolf pack hunting a moose
The pouncing wolf animation
Eating from a carcass of fallen prey
"Hey baby, wanna mate?"
Excerpts from the in-game encyclopedia like this one sometimes pop up in the middle of the action
Using our sight sense
Wading through a river
Cubs eating a brought portion of meat (from the demo sequence)
Trying to find our way through the snowy lands as an arctic wolf
Wolf information
Pack member list
Dare we kill this cow? The owner won't be happy
Using our excellent sense of smell tells us a lot about interesting things nearby
Your wolf has died, game over
The in-game encyclopedia contains a lot of information about wolves
A demonstration of the wolf's hearing range, as compared to a human's
The ending credit sequence which appears on exiting the game