Worms: Reinforcements Credits (DOS)

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Worms: Reinforcements Credits


Lead ProgrammingPieter Opdam
Additional ProgrammingGary Symons (Menu System & Network Code), Colin Surridge, Charles Wallace
Graphics / ArtworkAndy Davidson, Rico Holmes
Additional Graphics / ArtworkBarry Armstrong, Cris Blyth, Andy Davidson, Rory Little, Pete Lyon, Rory McLeish, Sean Wiggz
Additional Custom GFXMartyn James Brown (Dogs level creation), Barry Armstrong (Artfront & PCStuff level Creation), Pete Lyon (Bridge & Chrome & City & Pistons & Tankplan & Wrock level creation), Cris Blyth (Bottles & Cars & Cristank & Guitar & Guitars level creation), Rory Little (Armour & Fungus & Ice & Worms level creation), Rory McLeish (Bust & Garg & Jobby level creation), Rico Holmes (Liberty & Team17 level creation), Sean Wiggz (Pirates level creation), Marcus Dyson (Wlogo level creation), Tony Senghore (Arctics & Jungle & Hell level creation), Paul & John and the other one Ocean level creation
Sound / MusicBjørn A. Lynne
Quality AssuranceJohn Eggett, Craig Jones, Paul Kilburn, Mark McGinley, Phil Quirke-Webster, Sara Woodward, Paul Field
Original IllustrationKevin Jenkins
Cover IllustrationRory Little, Pete Lyon
Manual / Packaging DesignPaul Sharp
ProducerMartyn James Brown
Original ConceptAndy Davidson

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