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Worms Credits


DesignAndy Davidson
Original ConceptAndy Davidson
Worm GraphicsAndy Davidson
Amiga ProgrammingAndy Davidson
PC ProgrammingPieter Opdam, Gary Symons
CPU Logic DesignGary Symons
Additional ProgrammingKarl Morton
FMV Playback SystemKarl Morton
PC Installation SoftwareArden Aspinall
Production Assistance, Ocean SoftwareLee Edmondson
Additional Amiga Programming & AssistanceCharles Wallace
ProducerMartyn James Brown
DocumentationMartyn James Brown
Background GraphicsRico Holmes
Cartoon AnimationCris Blyth
ModellingCris Blyth
Additional ModellingJohn Allardice, Craig Stevenson
Additional GraphicsSimon Butler
Worms IllustrationKevin Jenkins
LogoMarcus Dyson
StoryboardsMarcus Dyson
Box PackagingPaul Sharp
Manual DesignPaul Sharp
All MusicBjørn A. Lynne
Sound EffectsBjørn A. Lynne
Vocal Narration, Worm-SongDavid Bland
Guitar Solo, Worm‑SongPhil Quirke-Webster
Team 17 Quality AssurancePhil, Craig, Paul F., Sara, Paul K., John
Ocean Software Quality AssuranceFrank Parkinson, Assorted Lunatics

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Credits for this game were contributed by robotriot (9071) and Corn Popper (69317)