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atari kombinera
Written by  :  Narf! (138)
Written on  :  Aug 18, 2000
Platform  :  DOS
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Still X-COM: UFO (Unidentified Floating Objects) Defense

The Good

This game continues the storyline of the original X-COM. The underwater theme definitely brings something new to the game. The new graphics are decent, if a little worse than the original.

The Bad

Put simply, this is the same exact game as the original. They did bump up the difficulty, though they might have gone a little too far. In the original, if you made a few mistakes early on, you could eventually come back. In this X-COM, one mistake can mean an early demise.

Have you ever tried throwing something underwater? Watch the next granade you throw.

The Bottom Line

This is basically a rehash of the original X-COM, because it did so well. If you are a big X-COM fan, get it to add to your collection. Otherwise, stick with the original. It is more fun, and a little more forgiving.

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