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X-COM: UFO Defense Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Opening Titles
Geoscape view
Base management
Tracking an UFO
Interceptor is your primary combat aircraft until very end of the game
Entering a crowded UFO
Your scientists research alien corpses
Your tank is vital until you find armorsuits
Environments are nicely detailed
Troops position around the UFO door
Your map is handy locating places you didn't visit
Your performance is evaluated every month
Base information.
Monthly costs.
You can produce your own flying saucer!
Fusion Ball is the most effective weapon against big UFO's.
Description of a tank.
Flying Suit.
Laser technology can be researched without help of alien artifacts.
Heavy Plasma is a very effective and accurate weapon.
That's a big gun!
With Hyper Wave Decoder you can intercept the ufo transmissions.
Snakeman is a tough enemy.
Mutons are the most powerful type of aliens.
Equipping a transport ship.
Ultimate craft.
Soldier stats.
Exploring a UFO base.
Your team arrived at the Terror Site.
An intact elerium core! These become very useful in the later stages of the game.