Xargon Trivia (DOS)

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Freeware release

The registered version of Xargon was released as freeware by its author, Allen W. Pilgrim, alongside Kiloblaster on August 4, 2008. The source code of both games was also released to the public.

Unused art

In November 2012, Allen W. Pilgrim released unused Xargon artwork, including monster sprites, an early version of the main character's portrait and box art design. The artwork was created by Dan Froelich, Matt Berger and Joe Hitchens and is not public domain. The files are exclusively available at RGB Classic Games.

Version numbering

Both the shareware and the registered game indicate the version number as 3.0. However, no earlier public releases with lower versions numbers exist. Developer Allen Pilgrim explains:
I did not want to release a product that had a version of 1.0 so I just made it 3.0. Technically there were enough internal updates, hundreds if not thousands, that would justify that but the reality is it is the only official version.

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