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To put it bluntly, XCar is the best racing game I have ever played. Bethesda has a goldmine on their hands with the XnGine, and its incredible versatility has been proven once again. I’ll be honest — the only thing I know about racing games is that I never buy them, and probably consider them lowest on my “fun” scale. Despite this fact, I find myself playing XCar constantly, and have even started designing my own monstrosity. If a racing game can get even me that involved, it must be great!
XCar has many options trying to please everyone, and in many ways it succeeds. True realism in the game is extremely difficult, even frustrating. But almost every aspect of the game may be modified to your own personal taste. Bottom Line: Excellent graphics, and a host of options so you can modify the game to suit almost anyone's needs. Running under DOS is the best way to get acceptable framerated.
Gamezilla (Aug 17, 2000)
Bethesda just might have a winner on its hands. Time will tell. XCar may not have the sleekest graphics available for the racing sim genre, but it does have the most options, and it is definitely one of the most realistic. If you're looking for that shiny arcade racer, keep looking. If you're looking for a racer that goes well beyond the surface, and you have a system with the horsepower, XCar just might be for you. If you plan on getting this game, or if you already have it but haven't gotten into it, remember to take your time to learning how to control and tweak your car. It took me about a week of playing to really get into this one. Also make sure to check out the official XCar website at http://www.xcar.com/. Bethesda has supplied a tire editor for download and is promising an engine editor and more to come. Hopefully they'll throw in a Rendition patch along with the 3Dfx for people like me.
XCAR: EXPERIMENTAL RACING valiantly attempts to go where few, if any, have sped before. It makes an interesting addition to any computer driver's library – if they fully understand its limitations beforehand.
GamePro (US) (Nov, 1997)
XCar requires a driver's precision and a mechanics sensibility - in other words, it's perfect for serious fans of Papyrus' ultra-real racing sims. If you don't enjoy the details, steer clear - this one aint' for casual Sunday drivers.
GameSpot (Sep 08, 1997)
You've gotta love the concept behind XCar: build and race the fastest prototype vehicle you can, period. Forget about all the rules for engine specs and other speed-draining dreamed up by racing organizations like NASCAR. In XCar, you can pretty much put whatever engine you like in your car and set it up however you want, and the only thing that matters is where you finish at the end of the race.
GameStar (Germany) (Nov, 1997)
Auch die gesegneten Profis dieser Welt, die solch schwere Kost zu schätzen wissen, haben Grund zum Nörgeln. Auf den Werkstattaufenthalt folgt ein eher Seifenkisten- mäßiges Rennen. X-Car kann den Anspruch aus der Garage nicht auf dem Asphalt umsetzen. Renner wie Grand Prix 2 haben das feinere Fahrgefühl im Getriebe. Auch Grafik und Atmosphäre verharren im Mittelmaß; nur bei den Einstell-Optionen ragt X-Car heraus. Aber zu diesen anonymen Experimental-Eimern kann ich nicht die selbe Beziehung aufbauen, wie zu einem Formel-1-Wagen. Der Spielwitz bleibt ergo stotterend irgendwo im dritten Gang.
The most important component of any racing game is its car model, and it appears the one in XCar is inherently flawed. While it has all of the features of its higher-profile competitors, plus some they should have, it lacks their polish and, most importantly, physics and feel; as such, it can only be recommended to the incredibly patient and tolerant racers who have the time and ability to try and come to grips its twitchy cars.
To anyone speeding out to buy XCar, I raise the yellow flag and signal caution. The graphics work, but fail to breath-take and the control is tedious. The auto setup is complex and not for the racing illiterate. The pluses, quality track design and good overall race-car feel, fail to redeem XCar's shortcomings. Bethesda crosses the finish line with XCar, but misses the winner's circle.
Génération 4 (Sep, 1997)
Du coup, même s'il est possible d'y jouer en réseau jusqu'à huit et même si de nouvelles courses et voitures sont disponibles sur le Net (comme pour Pod), on oublie.
Irgendwie paßt bei X-Car vorne wie hinten nichts zusammen. Futuristische Fahrzeuge gepaart mit kompliziertem Setup-Feintuning und einem Rennablauf ganz nach dem Vorbild der amerikanischen Indy-Car-Serie - alles sehr merkwürdig. Vor allem enttäuschte mich die Grafik und die störrische Steuerung sowie das monotone Motorengeräusch, das mich auf meiner einsamen Fahrt begleitet.

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