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Xi You Ji Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Oddly the main menu is in English
Choose your character.
No idea what this screen is but it shows different numbers each time the game is played and the player cannot progress until they enter a four digit number in the central box
Watch out for the purple rock-throwing giant.
Some English words are unavoidable
Every hit from blue end-of-level boss costs you a life.
Level Two's rat-like creatures are blindingly fast.
The keyboard controls are preset but can be altered
A gamepad is also supported
Player vs Player mode lets your characters fight each other. You can choose your own background scenery.
Story scene
The third level brings some new enemies along.
This is the in-game map showing the journey the three must make
The game begins. The way the character's belt dangles down is quite unfortunate
Nice lighting in the background.
Each character has two moves. This is the pig's flying drop kick
Each character has two moves. This is the pig's rake strike
This looks like a Boss and health is not that great
This Boss has two moves, the throw and the head butt
This is awkward. The player's character has been thrown off-screen. It cannot walk back because enemies are in the way. The screen cannot be scrolled that way so it's the end of a life