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Xyphr DOS Title Screen



Advertising Blurbs

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    In Xyphr, you are in control of one of the most agile and powerful space vehicles in the solar system. Your mission: find out what's out there, and kill it. Over the course of your journey into the stars, you will encounter an endless barrage of alien attacks, covering the entire spectrum of organic and non-organic weapons of destruction. Armed with your wits and a two-million watt laser cannon, you must DESTROY ALIEN INVADERS. They will come at you with everything they've got, so be alert. From the ground and the sky, a shower of energy pulses, fireballs, and other unwholesome projectiles will rain down upon you. To protect your vehicle (and your life), your ship is equipped with the best shield the space program can afford. Keep an eye on the shield meter. When it's gone, you're gone! Good luck, and good hunting...

    Contributed by Derrick 'Knight' Steele (2419) on Mar 05, 2000.