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Yogho Yogho spel Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Beginning of introduction animation
End of introduction animation
Objective of level 1
Level 1
A spot of the cow
Hit points can be replenished by drinking a glass of Yogho
Weirdo skippybal
The crying cow of the objective of level 1
Bonus level 1
Objective of level 2
Level 2
A fish shooting fish
That fish looks sweet.
Now she doesn't.
One of the cauliflowers
Glass of Yogho and fountain pen jugaling octopus
Bonus level 2
Bonus level
That hurt
The kettle and ice lolly throwing monk
The frozen door
Off to reset the thermostat
One of the worm buttocks
Watch out for the axe with legs
Indian on skippybal
The lama
Another bonus map
Pumpkin platforms and a dream (extra live)
Crazy doctor attacking me with a syringe
Dracula transformed in a flying pig, jump several times on him to get the key
Another bonus map
Strage enemy
The pelican acts as a floating platform
One of the notes
Another musical notes
The mermaid