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Zephyr Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Intro. Some wild chases and shootings are shown.
Intro. A big explosion wave is coming near.
Main menu (German). The cannon at the bottom turns to the selected option and shoots when clicked.
Credits are shown in a nice animated sequence.
Level introduction. The game is presented as a broadcast with completely sampled speech.
Level 1 planet
Level 2 planet ruler, interview
Level 3 planet ruler, interview
Sponsor selection. The sponsor affects the ship's strengths.
Overview of own ship
Level 1. The gameplay is similar to a multiplayer arena game. The match ends when the timer at the top runs out.
Level 1. The violet balls are rockets shot by the you.
Level 1. Shield and radar display is broken due to damage.
Level 1
Level 1. Hit by an enemy. You can move on 3 different height levels just as the enemy.
Level 2. Desert ruins theme.
Level 2
Level 3. Underwater theme.
Level 3
Destroyed. You will respawn always but lose score.
And the winner of the map is ... not Vertix. Only 0 points for the player.