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Zis the Adventure Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Funny company logo :)
Title screen
"ASSword check"??.. No, the "p" has just run away! :)
As credits roll...
Intro with photorealistic graphics!
The hero is dreaming
The first stage
Jumping on hats
Traversing logs
Got a power-up!
Using ropes to climb up
What a nice little house...
Here you kick a football!
Quest complete!
Village level
Up, up, up...
Tee-hee... hello to you too!
Map of Lisnia
Harbor stage
Evil housewives!
This level is a side-scrolling shoot-em-up!
Haunted mansion level
Ahh, finally relaxing on a tropical beach... well, not quite: coconut-throwing monkeys and maniacal boars were not supposed to be included in the package!
Indiana Jones would be proud
This fast skateboard carries you beyond the sheep, into the water... if you don't stop in time!
A new day, a new friend. Hi. Nice to meet you, I'm sure!
These sailors will only let you pass if you defeat them in rock-paper-scissors game!
The lovely oceanic view in the cutscene...
...turns into a dolphin-riding stage!
One of the later cutscenes. The game is incredibly cute
Ominous cave, and swordfighting pirates... almost Monkey Island!
The magician's hat allows you to drum on it and release birds :)
Spiders... I knew that
Homing stars are very useful
Climbing on a ladder, ignoring the diamonds...
If you stop while wearing this outfit, Zis will produce a mirror and look in it :) Now I'm stuck between two doors with no key to open any of them...
Dog racing, anyone?
The final stage - the toughest challenges
Floating on a cushion over cannon-shooting pirates!