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Zone 66 Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

main menu
The title menu screen of the full version.
Finally! The grayed out areas of the campaigns have been brought to color!
More campaigns!
intro animation
getting off the platform
this is the hero, what a look, eh? Hah, he looks like he just got pee
and everyone he loved, dissapeared like a dust in the air...
you can choose up to two different planes
is this a cockpit look? Ahh, those old games...
thing's are getting hot here
it's not easy to kill, but to be killed instead
here you can charge up with weapons
Now that's a complete miss as good as a mile!
Actually, the guy looks kind of kiddish here,
And dopey here,
But he's angry here,
Poor guy! Our hero has to freeze his butt off to kick their butts...
It would appear there is action in Greenland also....
My, my, what's this? Egypt? And you're in trouble already?
It looks like the terrorists have it all together
Ready for takeoff! This is supposed to be a Broadwing on the launch pad.
The heat is really being turned up...
Looks like our hero brought out the big bombs when things got tough!
Our hero bursts in at the speed of heat - literally.
This explosion of an enemy aircraft came out quite circular.
The launchpad is empty! I wonder if I can park there...
The shareware game exits displaying this order screen