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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.3
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.0
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.3
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.0
Overall User Score (6 votes) 3.2

Critic Reviews

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PC Zone (Aug 13, 2001)
Zone Raiders is something of a cross between WipeOut and Quarantine, in which you are a 'Raider' piloting your very own customisable hovercar through various futuristic locations, scavenging for useful gizmos and bits of code. Ho-hum. With a beefy machine it runs better than Sony's lamentable PC conversion of WipeOut (in VGA mode, at any rate), but the gameplay is decidedly weak. But worst of all, although the 3D engine is impressively smooth, the graphics themselves are garish and messy to look at, and the enemy craft designs are remarkably uninspiring. It does have a network option, but I can't see anybody really bothering. Yet another CD to chuck on the hearth when the firewood runs out and you're too cold to care about poisonous fumes.
GameSpot (May 30, 1996)
Overall, Zone Raiders is an entertaining game that is fun to play for short periods of time, but don't expect this one to be permanently lodged in your CD-ROM drive. However, considering the cost of many of the games out now, Zone Raiders' price and quality make it a pretty good deal.
Zone Raiders macht eine gewisse Weile lang Spaß, doch auch drei Alternativwagen können nicht über die bescheidene Langzeitmotivation hinwegtäuschen.
ZONE RAIDER is a competent, if somewhat uninspired design. The missions are fairly interesting, but most will find too few for their game-dollar. The graphics are good and, while I think more time could have been spent on the appearance of your vehicle, some of the city-scapes and exotic clover-leafs are impressive indeed. If you are looking for a straight-forward arcade “3-D Driving/Shooter” that will give you fast action on an upper-end 486 without bothering you with little details like variety or plausibility, then ZONE RAIDERS will be a treat for you. But if this doesn't describe exactly what you are looking for, you should probably leave this one in the used-car lot. There's little more here than meets the eye.
Joystick (French) (Jan, 1996)
L'essentiel de l'action de Zone Raiders consistera donc à parcourir des voies parsemées d'embûches sous la forme de vaisseaux, tourelles et tanks ennemis. Vous pouvez bien évidemment ramasser des bonus, munitions et power up pour muscler un peu votre armement, et vous pourrez même au bout d'un moment troquer votre vieille Thunderbird 1957 pour un Pick up truck, une Jeep hum-vee ou un Corvette. Si tout se passe bien dans les premiers niveaux, dès lors que l'on progresse dans le jeu et que l'écran se surcharge de détails, le mode VGA perd de sa fluidité, même sur un Pentium ! Je vous laisse imaginer ce qu'il en est du S-VGA... Un jeu d'arcade sympa, sans plus.
Score (Jan, 1996)
Celkově mi tato hra připadá jako průměrný pokus o průměrnou akční střílečku. Technicky připomíná podobné pokusy z roku 89, ovšem hratelnostně je to ještě o trochu horší.
Electric Playground (Oct 01, 1996)
There just isn't enough here to keep you coming back for more. As far as action games for the PC are concerned, this one is better than average, no doubt. But average really sucks in that category, in my opinion. Ultimately, what this game lacks most is character. Say what you want about the much maligned "Quarantine" for the PC, but it had character! I kept wanting to play "quarantine" to see more of its goofy characters and weird scenarios. Zone Raiders is too cut and dry. Its simplistic gameplay and goals just don't draw me in and make me want to stay up late and keep me playing.
PC Joker (Feb, 1996)
Irgendwann landet man dann aber doch auf der Piste und bekommt es dort scheinbar mit einem launigen Rennspiel im Stil von „Slipstream“ zu tun, dessen Grafik zumindest unter VGA zu den flotteren Vertretern der Branche gehört. Mit dem Spaß ist‘s jedoch vorbei, sobald die ersten Vektor-Gegner eintrudeln: Das Zeitlimit zwingt den „Zoni“ nahezu andauernd zu vollem Tempo, wodurch für taktische Manöver in den Zukunftslandschaften weder Raum noch Zeit bleibt. Dadurch hat man auch recht wenig von den vielen Bordwaffen, Extras, Schadensanzeigen oder der einblendbaren Übersichtskarte - lediglich im (auf Wunsch) CPU-Gegner-freien Netzwerkmodus für bis zu vier Piloten kommt vorübergehend ein bißchen Freude am Fahren auf. Fazit: Technik okay, das Gamedesign muß zurück in die Werkstatt!
High Score (Jun, 1996)
Trots femton olika banor och en del tunga vapen att begåva sin svävare med, lossnar det liksom aldrig riktigt. Ska man göra actionspel gäller det att ha lite känsla för feeling, men det här spelet är ungefär lika spännande som en tur med senaste jumbojetsimulatorn. Ett typiskt dussinspel som kan förmörka tillvaron för vem som helst.
Power Play (Mar, 1996)
Das alles klingt aufregender, als es ist: Meist ärgert man sich über die konzeptlose Grafik mit ihrer Mischung aus abwechselnd grellbunt gemusterten oder betongrauen Texturmustern und legoförmigen Gegnern oder das dröge Leveldesign. Einzig brauchbar sind die (in VGA) annehmbare Geschwindigkeit und der Netzwerkmodus. “Zone Raiders“ versprüht den Charme eines billigen italienischen “Mad Max“-Verschnitts.
A Force for Good (May 26, 2010)
There is absolutely no reason for you to play this game. It has virtually no redeeming features and contains nothing that could pass for entertainment, especially in the modern era when we're surrounded by all kinds of wonderful distractions with which to while away our all-too-rare free time. Don't even play it to satisfy your curiosity - seriously, even if you only do so for five seconds, you'll regret not taking my advice. And you'll need to ask a priest to perform an exorcism on your computer afterwards.