Advertising Blurbs

Back of box - Amiga (UK):
    Zool, and his fabulous female sidekick, Zooz, are about to face a challenge that would with the knees of even the toughest Ninja in this action packed platform arcade action sequel.

    You'll need joystick skills from the Nth Dimension when you help them take on the evil Krool and his devious assistant Mental Block as they seek to wipe imagination from the face of existence.

    Can you imagine pitting your wits against such a duo across six levels of major league mayhem? And what about Zoon, their two headed alien pet dog. Try talking to the wrong end of this cosmic canine catastrophe and 'walkies' will take on a whole new dimension!!!

    Features: - Six huge levels supercharged with varied and challenging gameplay - Play either Zool or the fabulous Zooz, each with their own special strengths and moves - A nerve jangling collection of cunning enemies and monsters - Essential and varied power-ups and collectibles - Hidden 'Chupa Chups' bonus rooms and secret levels to find - Sizzling sound FX and a choice of in-game tunes

    "The classic sequel to 1992's biggest-selling Amiga game" - Amiga Action

    Contributed by Martin Smith (66852) on Nov 20, 2004.

Back Cover - Jaguar:


    Zool and his daring and lovely sidekick Zooz face a challenge that would wilt the knees of even the toughest Ninja. The Nth Dimension is under attack from the evil forces of Krool. Our heroes must restore the Nth Dimension to equilibrium and exile Mental Block and his mind-numbing cronies before imagination is wiped out of existence. Zoon the two-headed intergalactic wonder-canine will help, but you'll need skills from the Nth Dimension to save imagination!

    Contributed by Jeanne (76516) on Aug 10, 2003.