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Zool Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Level 1: Sweet World
Interstellar ninja Zool can cling to walls. Consequently, the game features vertical platforms.
And now for a round of: Spot the Sponsor!
Sweet World boss: the evil hum-bugger.
Level 2: Music World
Floating high on soundwaves. Must be light music.
Zool clings to a cable to avoid ground enemies - but he better beware the spark!
Going round and round and round...
Music World boss: Jimmie's Killer Guitar.
Level 3: Fruit World
Zool can slide into enemies and right through them.
Ah! Bonus!
Fruit World boss: Banana and Alarm Clock.
Secret level! Yep, it's a genuine, side-scrolling space shooter.
Level 4: Tool World
These sweet little bugs split into two smaller versions when you hit them.
Chainsaw massacre? Run, Zool, run!
Torches in a wooden world? The carelessness!
Tool World boss: Giant Killer Driller. He slowly drills away the ground Zool is standing on...
Level 5: Toy World
Tanks, paper bomber airplanes, killer yo-yos - who'd have guessed that toys could be that dangerous?
Toy World boss: Maxie the Robot.
Level 6: Fairground World.
Two Zools? It's the mirror image extra!
The fairground version of a one-way elevator.
Mommy, it's a bouncy castle!
Cool! Zool can control himself in an arcade machine!
Final boss: The unmentionable indescribable Two Eyed Thing.